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    Attention B2B companies: On our overview page, we present the latest and most proven technologies. So that you can successfully hold your own in the digital age.

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Our portfolio includes products that meet our requirements for high security standards as well as for user-friendly handling and intuitive, flexible and dynamic workflows. As a digital agency, we specialize in the development of innovative solutions for companies. We know the needs of our customers very well. Many companies are looking for new technological solutions to successfully compete in the digital age. But the choice is vast, and it can be difficult to decide on the right technology. To help you choose the right technology, we've developed this landing page for B2B companies.

A comprehensive overview of the main technologies currently available on the market is provided. You will find everything from BIM, CAD, PHP, Docker, JavaScript, Ethereum, Kubernetes, Vue.js, Sylius, Symfony, ERP, CRM, Ruby on Rails. Angular, Node.js, Nginx, Apache, Microsoft Internet Information, React JavaScript, MySQL, Postgres SQL, Apple iOS, Google Android, Laravel, Git, Python, Bootstrap, Ionic and React Native are also part of our portfolio. As a B2B company, you surely already have various technological solutions in place or are looking for alternatives to your existing solutions. On our landing page, you have the opportunity to get a first overview and comparison of the different technologies. For each technology we have a short introduction and a listing of the most important features and benefits. In this way, you can quickly get an overview of which technology is best suited for your requirements. Of course, we are at your disposal for individual consultation in case of questions or uncertainties. We hope that we can help you with our overview and that you will find the most suitable technology for your company.