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  • Vue Storefront

    Vue Storefront is a software for designing and optimizing the customer journey and the front end of e-commerce businesses. A UI library and the Storefront UI offer merchants a wide range of customization options for their UI components. In this context, an integrated service worker cache supports the offline functionality of the software. Vue Storefront also considers usability through mobile-first design.

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Vue Storefront

Headless e-commerce with Vue Storefront

Modern e-commerce - this is how it works

Progressive web application

Take your e-commerce system to the next level with the help of a PWA. With a PWA solution, you replace your current store theme with a JavaScript-based web application - and that comes with a whole host of benefits.

But what is it exactly?

Headless e-commerce

Headless is the term for the separation between the e-commerce system (e.g. Magento, Shopware, wooCommerce or Shopify) and the frontend in which the customer moves. While the customer shops in a performant and responsive progressive webapp, you continue to work in your preferred store system, where orders are also received. The advantage: customers can move through the product catalog much faster thanks to new technologies. The online store doesn't behave like a website, but more like an app.

What makes the PWA better than a conventional theme?

Advantages of a PWA

The foundation of a PWA is a new JavaScript-based concept to speed up page loading. Unlike a traditional website, which is generated on the server, a PWA uses JavaScript to generate it in the user's browser. This means that it is no longer necessary to transfer entire websites, only the data. This allows the PWA to respond immediately to user input. The user experience is significantly improved as a result.

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Your next relaunch

Is your online store getting on in years? It needs a refresh? Instead of developing a new theme, simply use the connection of a PWA to an existing system. The underlying system - be it Magento or Shopware - and its connection to third-party providers can remain unchanged.

A Progressive Web App with flexible connectivity options

Vue Storefront is a platform-independent, market-proven and powerful Progressive Web App (PWA) solution that, as an open source e-commerce front-end, harmonizes perfectly with a wide variety of back-end connections. It offers maximum speed, reliability and user retention, which is reflected in the very good performance of the online store. The connection to the Vue Storefront Shopware as well as the connection to the Vue Storefront Shopify allow you to get even more performance out of your online store. The possibility of connecting to other e-commerce platforms also offers you a powerful solution that focuses on the user.

Quick & easy to your powerful app with your Vue Storefront agency.

With our experience and expertise, we are able to build a custom Progressive Web App for you.

Customer loyalty is our top priority - an online store has to be fun and offer a unique shopping experience. Vue Storefront gives you exactly that.

PWAs are always reliable, because if your customers don't have internet, your app will still run. That's another step into the future.

Users are looking for speed, and with Vue Storefront and the integrated Service Worker Cache, that's more guaranteed than ever.

We make it as fast and easy as possible to connect Vue Storefront with Shopware, Shopify and other e-commerce platforms.

A Progressive Web App improves a merchant's e-commerce by combining offline accessibility, speed, and flexibility. Above all, it focuses on mobile commerce. This allows merchants to place their store more prominently on mobile devices. We make sure that your presence on the Internet increases and that you are perceived even better by your customers. By using PWAs you will get a better ranking in search engines, which means that potential customers will find you even faster. Furthermore, you have the possibility to connect backend store systems and so nothing stands in the way of, for example, a Vue Storefront Shopware connection or a Vue Storefront Shopify connection. Your Vue Storefront agency is ready to help you with words and deeds. Create a unique online shopping experience for your customers.