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n8n Business Automation

What is n8n about?

n8n is a workflow automation tool based on a fair code distribution model. This means that n8n has visible source code that is available for self-hosting. In addition, users can add their own functions, logic and applications. n8n has more than 300 different workflow automation nodes.

Companies that rely on workflow automation are the target audience for n8n. With n8n software, users can connect a wide variety of web applications via APIs and trigger workflows using various triggers without any programming knowledge. It is possible to synchronize data between more than 90 applications, create powerful workflows and create custom integrations (nodes).

The free and open node-based workflow automation tool can be hosted by the user and is easy to extend. With n8n, users can go beyond simple integrations and create multi-level workflows by combining both third-party APIs and their own internal tools. In this way, users are provided with easy-to-use automation that ties together all the pieces of systems that would otherwise be very complex and disconnected.

With n8n, it is an iPaaS platform. That is, it is a cloud automation tool with the goal of connecting cloud applications (such as Office365, Hubspot, Asana and and). In this way, apps can share data and information with each other that would otherwise have to be moved manually with many individual clicks. The purpose of such platforms: By automating small, administrative and time-consuming steps, the people behind the computer have more time for other, more fulfilling tasks.

IPaaS can be used for a wide range of purposes: Marketing, HR, CRM, sales, administration, accounting and many other areas can be integrated, making iPaaS attractive to a wide range of businesses. Of course, this hasn't just caught n8n's attention. The tool competes with the likes of Zapier, Make or PowerAutomate.