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    As an experienced digital agency, we realize individual Shopware projects for B2B companies. Learn more about our comprehensive services!

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Shopware Agency: Creating outstanding experiences for customers in the world of digital commerce

When it comes to delivering innovative and dynamic e-commerce solutions, world-renowned brands rely on Shopware. It allows you to scale your business effortlessly and create outstanding customer experiences in the ever-changing world of digital commerce. We support you in your e-commerce project with our expertise as a certified Shopware agency.

Three key points set us apart and account for our success: First, we know that all customers want a simple shopping experience with a personal touch. Second, we think beyond just the transaction. We focus on customer retention and loyalty and bring our many years of e-commerce expertise to bear. Third, we put the customer at the center of our activities!


Shopware is a powerful and highly customizable open commerce platform that allows you to successfully turn your ambitious business ideas into reality. Define your own rules, open up new markets and convince your customers with a clear brand presence in digital commerce.


Shopware's robust APIs give you maximum control over how Shopware integrates with your IT infrastructure - and as a Shopware agency, we help you achieve it. A strong API ecosystem is critical to the long-term success of your business in today's world of automation, decentralization, and limitless availability.

Headless Core

Shopware's complete, consistent and documented API helps users avoid issues related to integrating legacy ecommerce platforms. With Headless Core, you are able to deliver unique digital experiences to your customers. Where and how, you have control over.

B2C - B2B - D2C

As an agency for Shopware, we know how to tailor the flexible e-commerce software to your specific needs. Cloud or self-managed - choose the best mode of operation for your business. Simultaneously test different business models and develop a platform infrastructure that fits your exact needs.

Content & commerce

Customers want to know who you are and what you represent. Most importantly, they need to trust you to decide to buy from you. By seamlessly integrating content and commerce, you can build this critical trust factor. You'll create outstanding customer experiences and increase your reach.

Unbeatable TCO

Shopware's total cost of ownership (TCO) is unmatched according to market comparisons.Shopware features cutting-edge technologies, a wealth of innovative features, and the "one-time-purchase-license model," resulting in an unbeatable TCO. Full transparency and no hidden costs are what we offer you as a Shopware agency.

Fastest Time-To-Market

Free yourself from time-consuming setup and maintenance processes. Save project costs through a fast and successful project start and scale your digital business efficiently! Maximum freedom and limitless growth potential is offered to you by the combination of cloud and self-managed e-commerce solutions from Shopware.

Shopware - a combination of flexibility and innovation

In today's global economy, e-commerce is no longer limited to shipping goods from A to B. Consumer behavior is changing rapidly in an increasingly digitized world. More than ever, people are looking for connectivity, inspiration and individuality.

Shopware is always on the cutting edge. Even complex business models can be easily implemented thanks to sophisticated tools and automatisms. And without having to program a single line. The no-code approach makes sure of that.

Adapt to constant change and test multiple business models at the same time - from digital events, subscription services and consulting to highly personalized products that can be offered for purchase or rent. You're in the driver's seat! As a Shopware agency, you'll set new standards and achieve things you never thought possible.

Product management made easy

It has never been so easy to manage product variants. Central product characteristics such as size, weight and color can be stored and managed. At product level, these characteristics can be used to generate a wide range of variants.

  1. "Our digital agency offers customized Shopware solutions for B2B companies. Learn more about our Shopware expertise and services!"
  2. "From new Shopware development to connection to an ERP system: we are your partner for successful e-commerce. Discover our expertise!"
  3. "As an experienced digital agency, we implement individual Shopware projects for B2B companies. Learn more about our comprehensive services!"
  4. "With Shopware to e-commerce success: we support B2B companies in realizing their digital strategies. Discover our service portfolio!"
  5. "Looking for a reliable digital agency for your Shopware webshop? We offer customized solutions and comprehensive service. Learn more!"

Welcome to our landing page for Shopware, the leading e-commerce solution for businesses. As a digital agency, we specialize in the development and implementation of Shopware webshops for B2B companies. We offer a wide range of services around Shopware, from individual store development to the connection to your ERP system. In this text we would like to introduce you to our expertise on the topic of Shopware and give you an overview of our services and products.

Shopware is an e-commerce solution that was developed specifically for B2B companies. With Shopware, you can individually design and customize your online store to offer your customers an optimal shopping experience. At the same time, Shopware is not only a store system, but also offers an extensive merchandise management system and an easy connection to various payment systems.

As experts for Shopware, we have already successfully implemented numerous projects. We support companies in the creation of new webshops, in the connection to ERP systems and in the implementation of Shopware webshop relaunches. We attach great importance to a close cooperation with our customers in order to take into account their individual needs and requirements and to offer customized solutions.

Our range of services includes the complete implementation of a Shopware webshop, from conception to implementation and subsequent support. We rely on modern technologies and use the latest features of Shopware to keep your webshop up to date and ensure optimal performance. Due to our experience in Shopware development we can guarantee a fast and efficient implementation.

Another focus of our services is the connection of Shopware to ERP systems. With Shopware you can optimally control and manage your ERP system. We support you in seamlessly integrating Shopware into your ERP system, thus ensuring an optimal link between your online store and your enterprise resource planning.

In addition to the development of new webshops and the connection to ERP systems, we also offer Shopware webshop relaunches. A relaunch may be necessary to bring your webshop up to date or to achieve a better performance. We analyze your webshop and develop a customized concept for the relaunch together with you. In doing so, we make sure that your webshop stays up to date and always uses the latest Shopware features and technologies.

In addition, we offer a wide range of products related to Shopware, including templates, plugins and extensions. With our products you can customize your webshop and adapt it to your needs. Our products are specially designed for Shopware and offer high quality and functionality.

Finally, we would like to present you our advantages as a digital agency for Shopware. We are an experienced team of Shopware experts and offer high quality and reliability in the implementation of your projects. Due to our experience and expertise in Shopware development, we can offer you fast and efficient solutions. We attach great importance to a close cooperation with our customers in order to take into account their individual requirements and offer customized solutions. Our goal is to provide you with optimal support in all matters related to Shopware.

As a reliable partner for Shopware, we offer you comprehensive support, which will quickly and competently assist you with any questions or problems. We are always available for you and offer a professional service that is tailored to your individual needs. Our goal is to offer you a long-term cooperation and to be successful together with you.

All in all, as a digital agency, we offer you comprehensive support in all matters relating to Shopware. Whether you need a new webshop, are looking for a connection to your ERP system or are planning a Shopware webshop relaunch - we are your competent partner. Our experience and expertise in Shopware development enables us to offer you fast and efficient solutions and to implement your individual requirements. We look forward to working with you to successfully implement your Shopware project.

Headline: Our Shopware Solutions

  • Professional Shopware webshops
  • Efficient connection to ERP systems
  • Customized Shopware plugins
  • Reliable Shopware Support

Headline: Shopware relaunch with expertise

  • New Shopware design concept
  • Optimization of Shopware performance
  • Conversion to Shopware 6
  • Integrated Shopware SEO check

Headline: Shopware education and training

  • Individual Shopware training
  • Practical Shopware Training
  • Training on Shopware plugins
  • Extensive Shopware documentation

Headline: Shopware Programming

  • Shopware Plugin Development
  • Shopware Interface Programming
  • Shopware template customization
  • Shopware individual programming

Headline: Shopware Hosting & Maintenance

  • Highly available Shopware Hosting
  • Regular Shopware Updates
  • Professional Shopware maintenance
  • Data backup and restore

Services and support

Shopware Webshop Development

  • Planning and conception of the webshop
  • Design and layout development
  • Programming and implementation
  • Connection to payment and shipping systems
  • Setup of marketing and sales tools

Shopware webshop relaunch

  • Revision and modernization of the webshop
  • Optimization of usability
  • Integration of new functions and modules
  • Improvement of speed and performance
  • Adaptation to current standards and trends

Shopware template design

  • Development of individual Shopware templates
  • Adaptation of existing templates to the corporate design
  • Integration of logos, colors and graphics
  • Optimization of the display on all devices
  • Integration of dynamic elements like sliders or videos

Shopware plugin development

  • Development of customized Shopware plugins
  • Integration of external functions and services
  • Adaptation of existing plugins to individual requirements
  • Optimization of performance and scalability
  • Testing and release of plugins in the Shopware Store

Shopware SEO optimization

  • Analysis of the Shopware website for search engine relevance
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Onpage and offpage optimization
  • Technical optimization such as load time optimization or URL structure
  • Monitoring and reporting of SEO results

Shopware connection to ERP systems

  • Development of interfaces between Shopware and ERP systems
  • Synchronization of order and customer data
  • Automation of processes such as order processing or warehousing
  • Monitoring and optimization of interfaces
  • Consulting on suitable ERP systems

Shopware hosting and maintenance

  • Provision of suitable hosting solutions for Shopware
  • Installation and configuration of Shopware
  • Regular updates and security patches
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Monitoring and performance optimization

Shopware trainings and workshops

  • Training on the use of Shopware
  • Workshops on special topics such as SEO or marketing
  • Trainings on plugin development or template customization
  • Individual trainings and workshops on request
  • Practice-oriented trainings with practical examples

Shopware migration and upgrade

  • Migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6
  • Upgrade from older Shopware versions to the current version
  • Data transfer and migration
  • Adaptation of templates and plugins to the new Shopware version
  • Testing and release of the new system

Shopware performance optimization

  • Analysis of the Shopware website for performance bottlenecks
  • Optimization of load time and responsiveness